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This is a community for Chad and Ishida from the manga and anime series BLEACH. Keep in mind there will be YAOI here, so if that's not your thing, you should move along. A few quick rules:

1. Keep it relevant. Anything focusing on the pair, be it fic, art, icons, discussion, cosplay, scans, etc. is fine and cool, but personal stuff should be kept on your personal journal. Also, other characters and other pairings are fine here too, as long as this comm's two focused characters are central to the post. (For example: There's nothing at all wrong with adding Ichigo to the mix in a fic, etc., as long as both Chad and Ishida are central to the piece. ^^)

2. Don't be a jerk. Specifically, no rude comments toward other posters, and no character bashing or pairing bashing.

3. All spoilers, fiction, large images, and anything adult-themed must be lj-cut. Here's how to do that. Please label and appropriately rate your cut so people will know what they will be seeing/reading if they choose to click said cut.

4. Any and all adult-themed material must be friends-locked.

5. Don't hotlink or direct link to images not on your webspace/image hosting.



(If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, feel free to leave a comment on my journal or send me a PM.)

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angsting over ichigo, bleach yaoi, chad x ishida, chad x uryuu, chad x uryû, chad/ishida, chad/uryuu, chad/uryû, chadxishida, chadxuryuu, fussing over injured quincies, groping ishida in public, ishida uryuu, ishida uryû, ripping off capes, sado yasutora, telling off ichigo, uryuu ishida, uryû ishida, yasutora sado
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